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Re: Hurd documentation roadmap

    It would be good to have a repository for Hurd documentation and a maintainer(s)
    to coordinate changes.  There are several items in this area: 1) web pages, 2)
    FAQs, 3) HOWTOs, 4) reference manuals.  I don't believe that there's currently
    one place to go to find all of these other than the list archives.  One should be
    able to find all this via http://www.gnu.org/software/hurd/hurd.html.

All these things should be on www.gnu.org.  Are you volunteering to
put them there and maintain them?  That would be very useful.

    What I would like is to collect everything into a repository on my machine (or
    some other) and then have it mirrored to say

We would rather keep the master copies on www.gnu.org.
If you are volunteering, the webmasters will make
an acct there for you so you can do it.

CVS is already running there.  If you or whoever wants to handle
these pages prefers to use CVS, that is fine.

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