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Re: header problem and linker script problem

>Second problem:
>libc.so linker script problem is back. Consider the following invocation:
>i386-gnu-gcc -o ../lib/libncurses.so.4.2 -L../lib -L/gnu/lib -shared
>-Wl,-soname,`basename ../lib/libncurses.so.4`,-stats ../obj_s/hardscroll.o
>../obj_s/hashmap.o ../obj_s/lib_acs.o ../obj_s/lib_addch.o
>[more object files follow]
>This does produce the error, that /lib/libc.so.0.2 could not be found,
>although I have correct i386-gnu-gcc wrapper (with
>The only solution was to edit /gnu/lib/libc.so and change the absolute

I also encounter this problem.  It seems that glibc's
${install_root}/lib/libc.so doesn't care about ${install_root} path.

My setup is

$ tar xvzf glibc-2.0.108.tar.gz
$ cd glibc-2.0.108
$ mkdir cross
$ cd cross
$ ../configure --prefix= --build=i586-pc-linux-gnu --host=i586-hurd-gnu \
$ make
$ su
# make install install_root=/usr/local/i586-hurd-gnu

So I don't setup prefix at compile time.  When I install libraries I
setup installation path to ${install_root}.  Do you setup glibc like
me?  If so this problem may common one...
Kunihiro Ishiguro

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