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Re: new hurd feature --boot-command, boot without a partition

D'oh!  I forgot the last part of my message.

Those of you who are *really* paying attention must be wondering about the
active translator setting on the outer root's /servers/exec.  Previously
the exec server set itself as active translator on /servers/exec after
receiving exec_init.  But exec_init doesn't come until the outer bootfs
gets fsys_init from the inner bootfs, after the servers are all running.
So now the exec server acts more like a normal passive translator: the
bootstrap filesystem sets the active translator on /servers/exec after
receiving the fsys_startup RPC from exec.

A wart in the code is that for --boot-command to be parsed properly by the
diskfs argp code, every bootstrap filesystem must use the ARGP_IN_ORDER
flag in its argp_parse call.

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