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Hurd packages uploaded


I uploaded gnumach 19981118 from contrib and hurd 19981204 today.

Part III  The Hurd

The Hurd compiled, and I installed it via dpkg.

o    Edit the boot/servers.boot script. This is only necessary if you want
     to activate a swap partition or use ufs instead ext2fs root fs.
o    cd /gnu
o    touch servers/exec
        (this should be done in the post-install script if the
         file does not exist. The exact way to handle translator
         hooks is still unresolved)
o    mkdir tmp

(optional)   Compile a program and put it in bin/sh. It will be started over
             and over again. If no such program is installed, the kernel will
             simply reboot.

Now boot your new Hurd system. It should come up, detect all hardware, mount
the root partition and start /bin/sh (or reboot). It will warn about missing
/dev/console. Don't worry.

That's all,

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