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Cross Compilation problems SOLVED


good news. After I found an old specs file from Gordon that I could patch
with Marks diff I was ready to compile the hurd-19981204. I will upload it
tonight (I am currently doing a rebuild, because I needed to do some
changes). Installation instructions will follow.

Thanks to everyone who helped me sorting this out. This is a comprehensive
list of all fixes necessary:

* additional links for shared libs (Gordon already did incorporate them)
* additional header file directories rpc and sunrpc (I needed to copy them
  from CVS)
* a new option to the cross compilation wrapper (or SEARCH_DIR line in
  libc.so linker script) -Wl,-rpath-link=/usr/i386-gnu/lib
* a new linker script for cross compiler, libc.so, so it finds the

I think that was all. I have a booting hurd system again now. This means the
fun is starting *now*.

Thank you,

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Marcus Brinkmann                   http://www.debian.org    master.debian.org
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