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Re: new libc working on gnu-0.2!

>      However, there seems to be something wrong about binary
>    compatibility. Emacs and gdb in gnu-0.2 runs well, but ls and echo
>    dies due to EXC_BAD_ACCESS. I'll investigate them.
> I'm not sure but this might have something to do with the gcc
> exception handling functions (see the glibc FAQ), which also breaks C
> programs.  I had that problem, although in my case emacs and gdb
> stopped working and other programs didn't.
> Check if you shared libc (libc.so.0.2) contains the function
> __register_frame_info.
> $ nm libc.so.0.2 | grep register_frame
> 0010c5fc T __deregister_frame_info
> 0010c570 T __register_frame_info
> 0010c5b8 t __register_frame_info_table
> if they are undefined (they have a capital U in the second column),
> your shared libc has been built incorrectly.  

I have had this problem too and still not figured it out.  But I don't
think this is the source of okuji's problem.  If any dynamically linked
binary works at all (and clearly his hurd and sh are working as well as
emacs and gdb), then I don't think this is it.  When I had that problem, I
got undefined symbol panics from the dynamic linker right away in any old
binary (in /bin/sh, so I could not get usably booted).

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