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gotcha for upgrading gnu-0.2 to current hurd

The current hurd sources (available from anonymous CVS) produce a working
hurd with the very current libc (with fixes I just checked in).

One gotcha (so far) for upgrading your gnu-0.2 installation to the new hurd:

The translator /hurd/devport no longer exists.  Its job is now filled by
/hurd/storeio (which does so many other wonderful things too!).  
However, your /dev/time file will have /dev/devport set as its translator.
This will cause some translators (e.g. nfs) to crash strangely.

The fix is simple: `settrans /dev/time /hurd/storeio time'.
(Or, use the new hurd's MAKEDEV: `cd /dev; ./MAKEDEV time', same thing.)

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