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Re: trying to cross-compile


Please, for cross-compiling, try dpkg-cross_1.3, which now
supports GNU/Hurd (thanks to Roman Hodek).

You will still need gcc-i386-gnu as the cross compiler, but the wrappers
in dpkg-cross should work better than the ones I posted here many many
months ago, because dpkg-cross contains also a dpkg-shlibdeps which
works on Hurd binaries.

Also, note that you might need a new dpkg-genchanges, see Bug #25537.

I also received this dpkg wrapper (for a future release of dpkg-cross)
from Roman, but I have not had time to test it yet, so I post it here.

# dpkg wrapper -- print correct arch value for Hurd
# Roman Hodek <Roman.Hodek@informatik.uni-erlangen.de>, 11 Nov 98
# This is free software; see the GNU General Public Licence
# version 2 or later for copying conditions.  There is NO warranty.

# if not called (indirectly) from dpkg-buildpackage -a..., then exec
# the original

exec {'/usr/bin/dpkg.orig'} 'dpkg', @ARGV
	unless ($arch = $ENV{'ARCH'}) && $ENV{'MAKEFLAGS'} eq "-e" &&
		   @ARGV == 1 && $ARGV[0] eq '--print-architecture' &&
		   $arch =~ /^hurd-/;
die "Cannot exec /usr/bin/dpkg.orig: $!\n" if $!;

print "$arch\n";
exit 0;

 "4de293944d58fb01fe115144f024fe72" (a truly random sig)

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