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Re: partition names

Edmund GRIMLEY EVANS wrote:

> Is the following table correct?
> Linux   GRUB    Mach/Hurd
> hda     (hd0)   ?
> hda1    (hd0,0) hd0s1
> hda2    (hd0,1) hd0s2
> ...
> Could someone put a table like this in the Hurd FAQ, please?

There is a link to a document on partitioning nomencleture in the GNU Hurd FAQ
(http://www.serv.net/~sand/hurd/partitions.html).  I haven't included it directly
as it is old and not maintained any more.  However, I think it is fairly

> (Apparently I have no need for BSD-style partitions, but a more
> complete table might include them ...)
> Edmund
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