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Re: partition names

Edmund GRIMLEY EVANS wrote:
> Is the following table correct?
> Linux   GRUB    Mach/Hurd
> hda     (hd0)   ?
> hda1    (hd0,0) hd0s1
> hda2    (hd0,1) hd0s2
> ...
> Could someone put a table like this in the Hurd FAQ, please?
> (Apparently I have no need for BSD-style partitions, but a more
> complete table might include them ...)

	As far as i understood, it is correct to a certain extent, because the
GRUB refers to the disks as the BIOS refers to them, not as the correct
layout, so I think that on a single-disked system, that should be

	But for example a /dev/hdc disk on linux on a system where there is no
/dev/hdb (i.e. two master disks, no slaves), grub would call it (hd1).

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