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Re: open-source operating systems

If you're going to add Squeak, also know that some Forth systems can be
set up to run on the bare metal. Actually, with OSKit, you can directly
boot into all kinds of things.

If you want the largest list ever compiled of the OSes out there, check
out http://www.tunes.org. The "OS" they are working on is definately
vapourware as they are extraordinarely ambitious and unrealastic IMHO,
but they have a lot of great info on all the OS projects and programming
languages out there and a nice glossary to.


Edmund GRIMLEY EVANS wrote:
> I asked:
> > what open-source operating systems exist today?
> >
> > By "operating system" I mean something that provides at the very least
> > preemptive multitasking, and by "exist" I mean either fully functional
> > or working to a reasonable extent and being actively developed.
> There were a few additions suggested to the four I mentioned, so here's
> the updated list:
>  - Hurd
>  - Linux
>  - various BSD derivatives
>  - VSTa (http://www.zendo.com/vsta/)
>         version 1.6.2 is expected soon
>  - Squeak (http://squeak.cs.uiuc.edu/):
>         a Smalltalk that can run on bare hardware
>  - Sprite (ftp://ftp.cs.berkeley.edu/ucb/sprite/sprite.html):
>         no longer being developed
>  - Caldera's DR-DOS
> In addition to http://www.cs.arizona.edu/people/bridges/os/free.html
> there's also a list at http://camars.kaist.ac.kr/~lhg/os.html#FREEOS
> My conclusion: there are surprisingly few free operating systems.
> Edmund
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