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Re: How can i help

Falk Hueffner writes:
> Santiago Vila <sanvila@unex.es> writes:
> > I think that we should probably release "GNU 0.3" as soon as we have
> > all the important packages ported (including the tools for native
> > development, binutils, gcc, etc.) and they "sort of work". I hope
> > this would then atract new developers.
> Just to encourage you a bit, that would *certainly* attract me as a
> developer. I would really like to use Hurd, but I don't really have
> the patience to go through a complicated bootstrapping process.

The main barrier to my getting involved with development is that I cannot
get gnamach to work with my hardware. I have tried the patch to add linux
2.0.34 drivers which support my ethernet card, but the IDE driver is buggy,
and my machine is too mission critical for me to start debugging an ide
driver on it. A new release of gnumach with more up to date hardware
support would be great for many users.


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