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Re: How can i help

On Wed, 7 Oct 1998, Nelanka Perera wrote:

> I'm an undergraduate cs student, and would like to know if there is any
> way i can help.  I know C, C++ and java, but have not worked on large
> projects with either of these languages.

Yes, we would like to know how many Debian source packages may be
cross-compiled "out of the box" from a Linux system.

Instructions on how to build a Debian package from the Debian source may
be found here:


You don't even need to have Debian installed, any GNU/Linux distribution
will serve, as long as you install GNU 0.2 in some other partition and
create the required environment for cross-compiling.

We are particularly interested in reports like:

* Debian package `foo' cross-compiles out of the box.
* Debian package `bar' does not cross-compile but with this little patch
it does.

Of course the most important packages have the greatest priority.
For a list of packages and priorities, see:


Those who have not "Priority: optional" or "Priority: extra" are the most
interesting to port.

I think that we should probably release "GNU 0.3" as soon as we have all
the important packages ported (including the tools for native
development, binutils, gcc, etc.) and they "sort of work". I hope this
would then atract new developers.


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