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Re: Where can I get a version of Debian GNU/Hurd to play with?


I could say: "build one" :)

Debian GNU/Hurd is not ready yet. We are working on it, and you can find our
progress on the Debian ftp site, in the binary-i386-hurd distribution.

There are some core packages, like glibc2 and hurd, which should give you a
booting system, when installed with dpkg -i --force-architecture --root=/gnu
when /gnu is the mountpoint of your gnu partition. You need to create a
ext2fs partition and change the owner with the e2os script. Furthermore,
you'll need the Grub boot disks. Note that we are currently missing
important Debian packages liek bash. ;)

This is all documented somewhere else. What is more important, there is
also an old but working binary distribution on the gnu ftp site, gnu-0.2.
Maybe you want that.

www.gnu.org will get you started. Follow the Hurd link and you'll get to the
official pages.


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