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Re: GNU quality

On 2 Sep 1998, David Maslen wrote:

> John Tobey <jtobey@channel1.com> writes:
> > Two, writing GNU-quality code takes considerable skill.  Linux may not
> > be GNU-quality, but the experience gained from Linux will help
> > developers "move up" to the HURD.  As M$ well knows, it's better to be
> > second at doing something, because you learn from the first guys'
> > mistakes (and successes).  Even more so in the world of Free Software;
> > you also learn and borrow from their code base.
> > 
> > And besides, you just gotta go with the microkernel.  ;-)
> Would you care to elaborate. GNU quality code. Is this why the GNU
> tools seem to be ported to every platform? Because the quality has
> gone into planning them in such a way as this is possible without
> nasty platform dependant hacks?
> If so does that mean that for HURD to be GNU quality, it isn't enough
> to get it going on a i386 now, because it has to work on any/all
> architectures in the future. More assumption, but wouldn't this mean
> an eternity of planning, and probably enough changes while your
> planning, that you need to plan again when you've finished?

Well, the micro-kernel means that user-side programs hardly care what arch
they're on.  Remember the micro-kernel has already been ported (I can't
lkist the platforms, though :-(

> Secondly, the microkernel. My understanding is that it's a good thing
> because the micro kernel becomes a generic layer to talk to the
> hardware and everything else sits on top. This is more flexible if you 
> want something else to sit on top. I've also heard it isn't as
> efficient as a purpose built kernel.

You have heard correctly.  In fact, some hurd pundits are saying that mach
isn't a very good microkernel.. but, it has provided and admirable proof
of concept.


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