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Re: RMS Talk in NZ

David Maslen wrote:
> The is a story on ./ at the moment with a writeup of a talk RMS gave
> in NZ. http://cantua.canterbury.ac.nz/~mpt26/stuff/rms/
> One thing that seems relevant to this list is that RMS reportedly said 
> using the MACH micro kernel was a mistake. Now does this mean it was a 
> mistake because the micro kernel concept is bad? Or because it
> retarded developement of the hurd, and so linux took the free software 
> innertia?

As far as I know rms I believe that he's referring to the long time he
had to wait for the Mach micro kernel to appear.  In the meantime Linux
has gone much farer and even the Debian project was started.  Waiting
for the kernel to appear did hurt the Hurd project because people want
to do anything, they want to use anything.



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