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Welcome to OfferUp: The largest mobile marketplace for local buyers & sellers!

Title: Welcome to OfferUp: The largest mobile marketplace for local buyers & sellers!
Congratulations on posting your first item on OfferUp!
Congratulations on posting your first item on OfferUp!
Item Title 2002 Ford F-150 $1,200 - Menard, TX
Here are some tips to help you have a successful selling experience:
How do I know if someone is interested?

A great post is more than just a picture and price. Adding a few key points in the description, such as size, brand, and condition, helps potential buyers know right away if the item might be what they’re looking for.

When someone is interested in your item, you will receive an alert notification in the app and an email message. To read more about how to locate your messages, visit the help center.

How do I complete a sale with a buyer?

OfferUp is a local marketplace where you meet up and complete the transaction in person. For this we recommend meeting in a public place.

How do I know if the item I posted is active?

Items are sorted by a number of factors such as distance, time posted, and popularity. Not all items will appear in the “Popular near Me” or “Search Everything” feeds. Your item will be visible in the category you listed it under.

How do I manage my offers?

Open the “My Offers” screen and tap either the “Buying” or “Selling” tab. Tap the item you want to manage and select your desired action.

How do I share with friends?

Sharing your item with friends can increase the likelihood of you selling it. You can share your item when you originally post it, or you can share any item that is actively listed under the “My Offers - Selling” tab.

What do I do once I’ve sold my Offer?

Once you've sold your item, mark it as “Sold” in the My Offers tab. This will ensure that interested buyers are notified that your item is no longer available. Marking an item sold will also allow you to rate the buyer, which provides critical feedback to help us improve the overall experience.

Love,  Team OfferUp
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