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Re: Access to porter machines needed

Hello Mattia!

On 12/27/21 12:22, Mattia Rizzolo wrote:
> Do you know that I never realized that m68k and hppa porterboxes are
> listed in Debian's LDAP?

There are also ia64, powerpc and ppc64 porterboxes listed there and they
can be used as the porterboxes for the release architectures.

> I only though the non-DSA porterboxes listed there were kyoto exodar and
> lemon ^^

kyoto is currently offline as I have to search for a new hosting location.

That will hopefully happen early next year.

> Tommi: sorry, I guess I was outdated in my knowledge of how ports
> porterboxes were.  I guess you can finish filling up
> https://nm.debian.org/process/1000/ and we'll handle it after all :)

Great, thanks for taking care of this.

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