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Re: Cross compiler

On 4/22/21 11:28 AM, Mike Hosken wrote:
I’m wanting to set up a chroot amd64 to hppa cross compiler. I’ve
tried following the guides but break it. Has anyone else been using a
cross compiler that can help either setup for me or guide me step by
step. I can give access to the machine in question.

I'm using a real amd64/hppa cross compiler to build the Linux kernel manually only.

For all other things I use a chroot installed with hppa binaries, and qemu-user as the emulation layer.
It's not as fast as a real cross compiler, but doesn't lack the issues when cross-compiling either.

Set up the chroot, e.g.:
debootstrap --arch=hppa  --no-check-gpg unstable  /srv/test http://ftp.debian-ports.org/debian/

You need to install the debian qemu-user-static package.
I suggest to use my pre-built qemu-hppa-static binary from:
which you should copy to /usr/bin/qemu-hppa-static  and inside the chroot in the /usr/bin directory.
Important: Restart the binfmt-support so that the new binary will be used.
run: "service binfmt-support restart"

mount the directories, replace $i by your chroot directory:
mount -t proc proc /srv/$i/proc/
mount -t sysfs sysfs /srv/$i/sys/
mount -t tmpfs tmpfs /srv/$i/dev/shm/
mount -t devpts devpts /srv/$i/dev/pts

and finally chroot into your chroot-directory.


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