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Re: how would I build installation media

On 3/11/21 2:26 AM, John Paul Adrian Glaubitz wrote:
On Mar 11, 2021, at 2:17 AM, Mike Hosken <mike@purple-cat.net> wrote:
This is an issue with the kernel that is used to boot the installation media. It is not built with the CD ROM drivers enabled. I’ve come access this with two of my hppa machines and this is common with the C8000 and 3750. It’s an ide driver for these machines that are not loaded.

There are two options available to you -

Put the missing firmware on media and load it when it fails to find the CD drivers.

Hold on, you are contradicting yourself.

Is this an issue with missing firmware or with the driver missing? Those are two distinct issues which require different solutions.

Mike meant "driver" (as stated futher above), not firmware.

I will provide images including firmware in the near future because I will just build debian-installer itself with the firmware included.

All existing hppa machines don't need additional firmware during
installation to access SCSI, network or similar. [*]


[*] The ATI graphics card in some newer machines (e.g. C8000)
is the only one which could benefit from firmware, but even here
it's not required during installation.

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