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dietlibc FTBFS on hppa due to EINVAL in setsockopt

Hi *,

did something change in the syscalls interface or structures or so?

I uploaded dietlibc 0.34~cvs20160606-11 with no hppa-relevant
changes from 0.34~cvs20160606-10 which had built on 2018-10-08
successfully, and now the build fails in the testsuite.

debian/unittests/socketfns.c fails (without and with pthreads)
and passed before.

Does anyone have an idea already?

Thanks in advance,
When he found out that the m68k port was in a pretty bad shape, he did
not, like many before him, shrug and move on; instead, he took it upon
himself to start compiling things, just so he could compile his shell.
How's that for dedication. -- Wouter, about my Debian/m68k revival

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