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Buster and Bullseye

Hi Team, for the first time since Debian dropped the HPPA port there is a stable release of debian-parisc-linux that does get security and buster updates as fast as I can compile them. 

The repo is still getting some files added to the it but doesn’t have any affect on being able to use it.  I have some documentation to write about installation and then the next steps you can make. Most likely to be done Wednesday my time. 

In the meantime the images for installation can be found here 


The repos to use require a bit of setup. There is a script to do this for you run to sort this out. The address is https://debian-stable.parisc-linux.org/sources.sh

As root wget the file and make it execute 

wget https://debian-stable.parisc-linux.org/sources.sh 

Then chmod +x sources.sh
Finally run the script ./sources.sh

What the script is designed to do is setup the sources list for the system and installation if missing any packages it needs to set everything up. 

The repos use and support https as it’s default setting. 

The bullseye testing distribution will be ready in the next few days. 

The security update repo will be updated as soon as possible but it it’s mainly focused at servers. When more buildd machines arrive I hope to keep up with the stable builds and the testing / sid branches. 

I have tested both types of installer CD and DVD. Suggest that if you have A DVD rom use the DVD else the CD will also install with no issues. Both media contain non-free software and is forced to use it where needed, this cuts down the instances of missing firmware after installation by a considerable amount. 

I’m reaching out for some help from the buildd team for hppa insetting up wannabuild and buildd servers. 

If you need and more info please get in touch and I’m more than happy to answer questions.  Email mike@purple-cat.net with the subject line Debian-Buster-HPPA  

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