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Re: kernel 4.15.7/64bit, C3600 is unstable during heavy I/O on PCI

[adding public lists back to CC since I can't sort this by myself any more]

On Sat, Mar 17, 2018 at 6:45 PM, Carlo Pisani <carlojpisani@gmail.com> wrote:
>> While the symptom (HPMC) looks the same, the details are likely
>> different for each card. It's been over 10 years but ISTR that "SER
>> PIM" command when entered at boot prompt will dump those details.
> this is an old log

Awesome - thank you!

Can you tell me which SATA controller was installed when this crash was taken?

> my C3600 is now busy, compiling 4.16.*, a couple of branches with two
> different configurations, so I can't force a crash to have a fresh log
> at the moment, but I will with several SATA card!

No worries - start with one. :)

> what about SAS kernel modules? are them better than SATA?

In general, I expect they are better supported but I never worked with
SAS controllers.

> and what about SCSI (adaptec 29320, PCI-X)?

Sorry: I don't have any experience with adaptec - only the LSI SCSI
controllers, Marvel 7042 SATA controller, and Silicon Image 3124
(IIRC). The SI3124 was a PoS. MV7042 worked well and was reliable "at

> I am waiting for an array of disks, I can test the SCSI card under
> heavy I/O to see
> - performance
> - stability
> it will be delivered here for the end of the next week

Ok! Sounds like fun! :D


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