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Re: C3600 kernel/64bit 4.* slow IO due to -mlong-calls

On 2018-03-15 4:43 PM, Helge Deller wrote:
On 15.03.2018 16:36, Carlo Pisani wrote:
I am experiencing a very annoying behavior with my HPPA C3600: if I
compile the (linux) kernel with  -mlong-calls then the IO (e.g. file
copy) becomes very slow, and the PCI becomes unstable (i.e. it crashes
the machine)

kernel  gcc     binutils    with mlong    without mlong
4.15.7  4.9.3   2.25.1     13.4 MB/s    27.0 MB/s
4.15.7  6.4.0   2.25.1     13.4 MB/s    27.0 MB/s
4.15.7  6.4.0   2.29.1     14.4 MB/s    25.0 MB/s
Interesting bad results!
I don't believe the instability mentioned is due to long calls. It's the following issue:

John David Anglin  dave.anglin@bell.net

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