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Bug#888220: ignition-math4: FTBFS on mips(el) and hppa: UNIT_Helpers_TEST fails badly

Source: ignition-math4
Version: 4.0.0+dfsg1-1
Severity: important
Tags: upstream
Justification: fails to build from source
User: debian-mips@lists.debian.org
Usertags: mips mipsel

Builds of ignition-math4 for mips, mipsel, and the non-release
architecture hppa have been failing as detailed at


On mips, this test manages to make ctest itself to run out of memory:

        Start 11: UNIT_Helpers_TEST
  terminate called after throwing an instance of 'std::bad_alloc'
    what():  std::bad_alloc
  Makefile:143: recipe for target 'test' failed
  make[2]: *** [test] Aborted

On mipsel and hppa, HelpersTest.Pair spews millions(!) of errors and
then hits a timeout:

  11/75 Test #11: UNIT_Helpers_TEST ......................***Timeout 240.12 sec
  [ RUN      ] HelpersTest.Pair
  /<<BUILDDIR>>/ignition-math4-4.0.0+dfsg1/src/Helpers_TEST.cc:516: Failure
        Expected: a
        Which is: 4294962295
  To be equal to: c
        Which is: 4294962296
  /<<BUILDDIR>>/ignition-math4-4.0.0+dfsg1/src/Helpers_TEST.cc:516: Failure
        Expected: a
        Which is: 4294963544
  To be equal to: c
        Which is: 4294963545
        Start 12: check_UNIT_Helpers_TEST

(above output from mipsel, hppa is similar)

NB: the mipsel and hppa logs are a couple hundred megs apiece, so you
may wish to consider taking it easy on your browser by downloading raw
logs and viewing them with less. ;-)

Could you please take a look?


Aaron M. Ucko, KB1CJC (amu at alum.mit.edu, ucko at debian.org)
http://www.mit.edu/~amu/ | http://stuff.mit.edu/cgi/finger/?amu@monk.mit.edu

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