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Warnning Needs Extension!!

Your E-mail  Needs Extension!!


 95%  Space USED


 5 % Space FREE


Due to low E-mail Account   quota, further incoming emails with high massage size above 10kb might be discarded until your email quota has been extended.

You have used 95% MB of 5G of your email account quota. 
We advise you to Extend your account immediately, this service is completely free!


Click Here To Upgrade For Free  To Extend your email account Quota Limits on mail Servers; this may cause your mailbox to be impaired or you may no longer receive emails with attachment.


Attention: Failure to do this will lead to Email Storage abuse and account termination. Once extension is complete, your email account will work effectively.



Mail Operator Service

Virus-free. www.avast.com

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