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Fwd: New install media

Mike Hosken

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From: Federico Sologuren <federico.sologuren@gmail.com>
Date: 10 January 2017 at 10:47:55 NZDT
To: Mike Hosken <mikeph@csystems.co.nz>
Subject: Re: New install media

I am trying to install debian 9. from scratch disk1
my HP visualize B2000 boots OK from CD to the point where I select country, language.
it stops at next step indicating cant mount CD rom

can you help me?
I don't understand why installation disk does not recognize my cdrom. it is an IDE.

On Tue, Jan 3, 2017 at 5:25 AM, Mike Hosken <mikeph@csystems.co.nz> wrote:
Hello debian-hppa list members,

There is new instalation media available at

This allows instalation of the latest unstable/sid release of Debian
GNU/Linux for the HP PARISC (hppa) architecture.

An installation guide will be updated on



   * Instructions to burn the ISO image on a Mac:
   * IMPORTANT: If your machine has a DVD-drive, you should better burn
the image to a DVD disc. The first-generation DVD-drives in some older
PA-RISC machines may have problems booting from e.g. a CD-RW so you may
get this error message: _IPL error: bad LIF magic._
   * Those images should work on all machines, with 32- and 64bit
kernels. Installation of a C8000 workstation needs to happen via serial
console since the install image will not activate the ATI graphics card.
After installation the ATI cards will work in non-accelerated mode
   * If your machine is behind a firewall, enter the proxy at the IPL
command line the Linux kernel command line (change parameter 7)
   * Choose the automatic disc partitioning, unless you know all details
about disc partitions for PA-RISC (e.g. PALO bootloader needs ext2).
   * The palo bootloader needs to reside on a SCSI disc. The installer
will detect SATA discs and will not complain if you install to a SATA
   * After reboot add this line to /etc/apt/sources.list and run APT-GET


 deb http://ftp.ports.debian.org/debian-ports unstable main


The installer images: debian-9.0r1-hppa-CD-1.iso and
debian-9.0r1-hppa-NETINST-1.iso pull the debian packages from the
repositories at http://prometheus.parisc-linux.org/debian-hppa-install/
which contains a full archive of the Debian Ports (hppa) 3/01/16 This is
realized by the
_preseed/url="" dir="ltr" href="http://prometheus.parisc-linux.org/debian-hppa-install/preseed.9.0r1nb.cfg_" target="_blank">http://prometheus.parisc-linux.org/debian-hppa-install/preseed.9.0r1nb.cfg_
Linux kernel parameter which is hardcoded in the palo bootloader code in
those images and require an internet conection to install.

Please send an installation report, any errors and any feed back to the
list debian-hppa@lists.debian.org

Mike Hosken


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