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Re: [RFC] dietlibc on hppa: thread local storage setup

On 2016-04-03, at 11:28 AM, Christian Seiler wrote:

> Since I don't have access to hppa hardware myself, qemu-user doesn't
> seem to support it and there aren't any porterboxes - at least to the
> best of my knowledge - I would be grateful if you could take a look and
> see if what I've done is correct. I want to send all of the patches
> w.r.t. porting currently in Debian to upstream, but I'd really like a
> second opinion on this change.

Support for hppa in qemu was removed a couple of years ago.  It looks easy to
add it back.  Don't know if that is enough for qemu-user.

Christian, thanks very much for dietlibc fixes for hppa.

John David Anglin	dave.anglin@bell.net

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