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Re: [RFC] dietlibc on hppa: thread local storage setup

Hi Christian,

On 03.04.2016 17:28, Christian Seiler wrote:
> Dear hppa porters,
> I've recently started helping out with the dietlibc package. Regarding
> hppa I've merged all porting patches in the bugtracker. 

Thanks for doing that!

> However, an
> upload to experimental based on a current CVS snapshot didn't
> immediately build: the new package (and upstream) unconditionally
> enable TLS support on all platforms and define the errno variable as
> thread-local via __thread. This means that every platform needs to have
> TLS setup code present (before main is run), otherwise any access to
> errno (i.e. any system call) will fail.
> I've looked at both the glibc and kernel sources plus read a lot of
> documentation about PA-RISC and I think I've figured out what to do.
> The latest upload to experimental now builds on hppa (and some tests
> are run during build process, so at least simple programs work), so I'm
> quite confident that this is correct.
> My change can be found in this patch:
> https://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/collab-maint/dietlibc.git/tree/debian/patches/0042-tls-register-fixes.diff?id=0b9fe40c474e570f7235d8bada5e600fc67b62e3
> (It also addresses TLS startup for other archs, please ignore that.)

This looks good.
> Since I don't have access to hppa hardware myself, qemu-user doesn't
> seem to support it and there aren't any porterboxes - at least to the
> best of my knowledge - I would be grateful if you could take a look and
> see if what I've done is correct. I want to send all of the patches
> w.r.t. porting currently in Debian to upstream, but I'd really like a
> second opinion on this change.

Right, we don't have porterboxes and qemu doesn't support hppa (yet).
But I'm happy to give you a login on one of the hppa buildd servers
if you like.

> (Also, if there are other issues with dietlibc on hppa that you haven't
> reported, feel free to mention them. Please look at the most recent
> version in experimental, 0.34~cvs20160402.1-1~exp2, though.)

I'll check...


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