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glibc 2.22 testsuite issues on hppa

Dear HPPA porters,

The glibc testsuite in version 2.22 which has been uploaded to sid 2
days ago fails to pass on both phantom and sibaris build daemons.
There seems to be 3 failures that are regressions compared to glibc

  FAIL: debug/backtrace-tst
  FAIL: nptl/tst-cancel9
  FAIL: nptl/tst-cancelx9

These tests have not been modified between glibc 2.21 and glibc 2.22. In
addition they are not listed in the expected failures list upstream [1].
Note that the compiler has been changed from gcc 4.9 to gcc 5, this
might explain the failures, especially the first one.

In addition libio/tst-atime fails on sibaris only. It might be a
regression, but it is more likely a misconfiguration of the build
daemon, with the build parition mounted with the noatime option.

Can someone please investigate the issues?


[1] https://sourceware.org/glibc/wiki/Release/2.22

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