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Re: Guide to getting ported?

I probably do not know enough to write it well enough myself - mainly because I am unsure of your intended audience. If it is debian you may only be interested in porting between different linux versions - which could be 'tricky' in itself.

However, I see you mention 'OpenBSD', and linuxisms. Why not 'POSIX'? Why not compiler differences (even different versions of gcc have key differences). As "aixtools" I try to package (port) open-source to AIX and the main problems I run into is that for literally one function in a complex library (e.g., glib) that has nearly impossible demands to meet on a non-linux platform (i.e., they 'demand' a feature of gcc for packaging the complete library) using it's legacy compiler - means the package will likely never be ported or maintained outside of a linux environment - where gcc is the 'native' compiler, plus glibc (which is different that POSIX libc) - aka run-time environments.

As I said above, I am probably not the right person to right this - alone at least. But I do feel some 'guidance' about how to design and develop with portability in mind. Every dependency added (because it was there) adds a potential for a security breach via those dependencies (and their respective dependencies). Portability is not 'for free' - it requires planning and documentation.
While it might be a 'hassle' your code might be mich more secure, and certainly easier to port, if you look at the (one) function you are using from a someone else's library - and embed it in your code.

That is, rather than just a list of soem areas that affect portability - think about a high-level description of the common causes of 'lack of portability' and how to test and/or code for exposure to these common causes. Sometimes it is 'as simple' as finding (multiple) someone(s) with another platform who just tries to package (or just make install) it.

Also test that 'make DESTDIR=/some/where/else install' works well.

p.s. - Very glad to see you are opening the discussion!


On Sat, May 2, 2015 at 1:32 AM, Steven Chamberlain <steven@pyro.eu.org> wrote:

Paul Wise wrote:
> Do any porters have any input on this page?
> https://wiki.debian.org/GettingPorted

This page seems it will be useful;  I will add some bits to it.

Steven Chamberlain

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