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Re: E Class and SCSI (53c700 driver)

On Fri, 2015-04-03 at 15:22 +0300, Dmitry the Zuryanovich wrote:
> > And I finally found the name of the SCSI chip in the above doc: SPIFI
> > (v3).  The "Fast-Wide HVD" NIO card uses SPIFI v4.
> http://xepb.org/dtz/2015E25.html - here is photos of the boards, if this 
> helps.

Well, I think that tells us it's not Symbios (or NCR as it was then)
53c700 based.  It looks like there's a custom HP ASIC, probably for the
PB connection and a Xilinx FPGA which may be configured to run the bus.


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