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E Class and SCSI

Hi All,

As I understand, E class (in my case - E25) has LASI based 53c710 which is handled by 53c700.c? (and in case of workstations wrapped by lasi700 - what's for? Just for detecting it?)

If I know that that's

 5. Sahp Baat Kiuh SCSI at 0xfff74000 [56/52] { 4, 0x0, 0x044, 0x00039 }

, is there a reason to try to

#modprobe 53c700 clock=25  base=0xfff74000

[correct my syntax] and may I expect this to work somehow?

What's the problem with SCSI on E class? Is that a need of some driver which calls 53c700.c with correct parameters taken from hardware? Can it be just passed to module via parameter or the problem is deeper?

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