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Merry Christmas to all and a little heads-up...

Hiya folks!

Here's hoping everyone involved with the parisc-linux project has a Merry Christmas and a safe and Happy New Year.

Work is coming along nicely with our newly commissioned buildd server.
The hpviz is actually running multiple buildd's thanks to Dave Anglin and especially, Helge Deller and his hard work, and a custom-built kernel. It seems to be handling those and anything else we can throw at it, including our development website listed below. We still have one more machine for number-crunching and possibly package building, if my bandwidth will tolerate it. :-)

The RP-2470 (A500), is up and running on the 3.11-1-parisc64-smp kernel, and so far is functioning nicely as a file server and part-time web-app server at the moment.

We also have a J6000 workstation that will probably be more relegated for test work, etc. (My electric bill is already high!), so it will probably be offline more than on. If you'd like to check out what we're up to, and the current setup, take a look below. Suggestions are welcome!

Dave L.

Dave Land
Land Computer Service  xmechanic@landcomp.net
ICQ: 676030523

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