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Granta Claus makes a drop at Land Computer Service!

Hiya folks,

Seems that Christmas came a little early this year here. I received some *big* packages of HP-RISC goodies from Granta Claus a.k.a. Grant Grundler a couple days ago, and of course with my O.C.D., I had to sort and store everything until the wee hours of the morning. :-D

We are now the proud owners of a Visualize J6000 workstation, a RP-2470 A6890A (A500) server, and all sorts of cards, cables, and other assorted hardware!

Currently working on getting the A500 and the J6000 setup with the new distro from debian-ports.org and hopefully we'll have a new buildd server or 2 in addition to the work that Helge Deller is currently doing on my Visualize J6750 workstation. :-)

Thank you Grant, but you may have created another HP-RISC junkie here, LOL! Some photos, and possibly another little website(s) on each machine respectively, to track the progress on each as we figure out what will be the best route for them as development boxes.

My Visualize J6750, running an experimental 64 Bit SMP kernel from Helge, is online already if anyone would like to check it out:


Be advised, it may be up or down depending on what we're doing, but lately it's been up more than down. :-D

Cheers... and Merry Christmas to all!

Dave L.
Dave Land
Land Computer Service  xmechanic@landcomp.net
ICQ: 676030523

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