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[armhf alpha hppa] manual experimental build request: dietlibc, then mksh


please schedule manual builds of the following packages on
armhf alpha hppa buildds (or equivalent):

 dietlibc (0.33~cvs20111108-1) experimental; urgency=low
 mksh (40.2-3exp1) experimental; urgency=low

Note that mksh (40.2-3exp1) dep-waits on dietlibc (>= 0.33~cvs20111108-1)

The reason for this is:

I’ve uploaded a dietlibc source package that _hopefully_ fixes
the armhf and alpha problems, and which should give us insight
into the hppa problem (if it persists, we’ll apply a workaround
and ask for another build). I’d like to check that, then upload
that fixed dietlibc package to unstable.

mksh currently is “the best” dietlibc testsuite I know of (and
compiler testsuite ☺) and runs the tests on (native) builds.

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