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Re: alpha and hppa removal from unstable/experimental

On 03/04/11 02:06, Aurelien Jarno wrote:
Note that contrary to what a lot of people think, debian-ports is not
part of the Debian infrastructure. It is run by (not enough) volunteers,
partly on Debian money, partly on sponsoring and partly on volunteer
funds. I am currently in contact with the DPL to try to improve the

Aurelien, what's the time frame on this? If the DPL is agreeable would we be looking at the near future for this?

I've downloaded the wanna-build/buildd/sbuild code from the buildd git repository and while I got sbuild working I have realised that wanna-build is a completely different kettle of fish and requires specialist knowledge that does not seem to be published anywhere. I have failed in an attempt to initialise the postgres database needed by wanna-build. So I am wanting to know whether I should spend more time getting my own autobuilder going or wait on debian-ports?


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