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HPPA patches for the next debian-glibc release.


Could you please cherry-pick this patch into glibc?

commit 3680f14a7d12a9faa86e09aaea1b3aa20713355e
Author: Carlos O'Donell <carlos@systemhalted.org>
Date:   Thu Jun 24 12:13:36 2010 -0400

    [hppa] Fix incorrect stack frame usage in vfork.

    In a multithreaded environment the call to vfork was
    incorrectly creating a stack frame. Given that the
    child unwinds the stack frame first to call exec, it
    will corrupt any values the parent stored in the stack
    frame. The solution is to avoid creating a stack frame
    unless required to call an error function, in which case
    we are assured no child was created.

It fixes one of the problems with vfork in a multithreaded
environment, and it would add to the stability of debian-hppa.


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