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segfault in find | xargs on buildd

(Please cc pkg-telepathy-maintainers on replies.)

telepathy-mission-control-5 failed to build on lafayette, with this signal 11
(which I believe means segfault):
> dh_fixperms: find debian/telepathy-mission-control-5-dbg  -print0 2>/dev/null | xargs -0r chown --no-dereference 0:0 died with signal 11
> make: *** [binary-fixup/telepathy-mission-control-5-dbg] Error 9

Since the signal was received by find|xargs, I somehow doubt this is our 
package's fault :-)

Is this a known problem on hppa, and is asking for a give-back likely to be
a useful workaround? The package version in question fixes a nasty regression
by going back to the upstream stable branch, so we'd like to get it in
testing as soon as possible.

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