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Re: HPPA and Erlang packages

Sergei Golovan <sgolovan@nes.ru> writes:
> I'd like to ask you about what to do with Erlang and its reverse
> dependencies on hppa architecture. The problem is that there's a bug
> with fork()+exec() which makes erlang FTBFS (and the currently built
> packages are broken as well) on hppa (see [1], [2]). It seems to be
> very complicated (as it's known and hasn't been fixed for about a
> three months) and prevents new Erlang packages migration to testing.

Dear HPPA porters, what's the status here?

> So, what to do with Erlang in testing and unstable? I'd prefer to
> remove erlang and its reverse dependencies from both testing and
> unstable for hppa architecture (all the packages don't work anyway,
> and nobody uses them, given that there's no bugreports).

Yes, the binary removal is the best option, if the porters are not able
to fix this arch-specific problem. I would like to avoid this at all
costs, but it might be the only available solution.

Carlos, could you, as HPPA porter, shed some light on this? Can we
expect this to be fixed in the next few weeks? Is anyone actually still
trying to fix this?

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