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Re: access to hppa machine to work on Bug #562192


> It's very likely that this is an hppa issue and not an issue in your 
> package. However, it could help the hppa porters a lot if it's possible to

> create a small test case that reproduces the problem.

Removing the option -fstack-check solved the problem on a one shot package
build on the hppa account obtained from Thibaut Varene. As pointed in
message #22 of bug 562192 by Ludovic this is related to :


Attached is a very simple test case that crash :
xavier@donald:~/simple_test_case$ gnatmake -fstack-check test_simple.adb 
gcc-4.4 -c -fstack-check test_simple.adb
gnatbind -x test_simple.ali
gnatlink test_simple.ali -fstack-check
xavier@donald:~/simple_test_case$ ./test_simple 
Segmentation fault

>> Can someone give me access to an hppa machine?
> If you still want to work on it then please send me a public SSH key 
> (privately in a signed email) and I'll give you access to my box.

Thanks, I still have access to the one Thibaut gave me.

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