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Re: open issues with the hppa port

* Andreas Barth (aba@not.so.argh.org) [091007 14:43]:
> There are still more issues with hppa popping up than with other
> architectures, but the general direction looks promising. For this
> reason, we have decided that we try to avoid the additional burden of
> packages getting out of sync, and keep hppa in our list of "normal
> supported architectures" at this time. We are only able to keep it
> this way if the good work continues, the switch to ntpl happens etc
> etc - I definitly hope it will work out well.

Summarizing after quite some more time: Things look much better. As
you all know, there was recently e.g. the kde4libs-issue, and I expect
similar issues to happen again (as the migration to the new threading
model was very recently), but hppa is mostly normal again.

We also need to get paer back as "normal" porter box (instead of
buildd as currently) (this shouldn't be troublesome in any way, just
needs to happen).

I want to say "Thank you" for that great progress we achieved with
hppa. Thanks!


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