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Re: Bug#561203: FTBFS [hppa] - pthread_create() (QThread) + fork() = crash

> It seems libc6 2.10.2-3 fixed the problem. I cannot reproduce the bug with
> both test cases above any more. As far as I can tell from the changelog, 
> rebuild with gcc-4.4 helped. I will close this bug once a couple of KDE 
> packages get built on hppa successfully.

Hello Modestas,

libc6-2.10.2-3 made it much, *much* better (I'm not sure yet why!!).
But I can still reproduce the bug on my system with your testcases. It's just much harder to reproduce it, but it still happens.
So, it's not fixed yet, it just happens much less often.

I'm continuing to look into this issue, but at least we have some progress...

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