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Brazilian Sugar: ICUMSA45 Spot/Contract And High Seas Offer

Title: Hello


1) We introduce ourselves as selling/buying agents for Sugar/Urea


White Crystal Sugar ICUMSA 45: Our Offer To Sell


2.a) Spot Booking Offer 25000 MT CIF = us$ 460/MT

2.b) Annual Contract Booking Offer 12 x 12500 MT CIF = us$ 415/MT


2.c) High Seas Offer  = Click Here


Raw Sugar ICUMSA 600-1200: Our Offer To Sell


3.a) Raw Sugar ICUMSA 600-1200 stocks now available in Brazil

3.b) Please contact for further details and prices


Sugar Stocks Offer


4) Available Stock Offer = Click Here


5) Please inform your interest and required quantity so can comeback with details accordingly


Our Offer To Purchase


6) If you are holding any available stocks of sugar for sale, please send complete details so can arrange local sale within the country of stock


Best Regards

Kashif Waheed

C&M Commodities And Mercantile

20-Saeed Colony # (1)

213 Faisalabad 38060, Pakistan

Tel: 00923008661624 / Fax: 0092418730125

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