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Re: access to hppa machine to work on Bug#558980

Stephen Leake <stephen_leake@stephe-leake.org> writes:

> I'm the Debian GNADE maintainer, but not yet a Debian Developer.
> Bug#558980 is a failure of the GNADE 'make check'. It works fine on my
> x86, and several other architectures, so this appears to be an
> arch-specific bug. I'd like to work on fixing it, but I don't have
> access to an hppa machine.
> Can someone give me access to an hppa machine? I should have time this
> weekend to work on this.

Frans Pop gave me access to his machine. I have some more information
on the bug.

If I compile from full GNADE source (not using the GNADE dynamic or
static libraries), the code works.

With the dynamic library, I get a SIGSEGV, somewhere in the program
startup, before any user code.

With the static library, I get a stack overflow (caught and reported
by the Ada runtime), during elaboration of a compiler-provided
container library.

So the problem is related to libraries, which means it's probably in
the linker and/or loader somewhere.

It seems clear that no user will be able to use GNADE in its current
form on hppa, so I should remove hppa from the arch list in
debian/control for the squeeze release.

If there is some more debugging I could do?

-- Stephe

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