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Re: access to hppa machine to work on Bug#558980

> I'm the Debian GNADE maintainer, but not yet a Debian Developer.
> Bug#558980 is a failure of the GNADE 'make check'. It works fine on my
> x86, and several other architectures, so this appears to be an
> arch-specific bug. I'd like to work on fixing it, but I don't have
> access to an hppa machine.

It fails with a segfault. As there are quite a few other packages that only 
fail on HPPA in a similar way, it is likely that this is due to a general 
HPPA bug, and not an issue specific to GNAT.

> Can someone give me access to an hppa machine? I should have time this
> weekend to work on this.

If you still want to work on it given the above, you're welcome to use my 
box. Please send me _privately_ your public SSH key in a signed email and 
I'll sent up an account and install the build deps.


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