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hppa nptl switch


may I ask you for status of hppa nptl switch ?

We (GNU/kFreeBSD ports) need upload of (e)glibc 2.10
to add some functions. It looks like upload of (e)glibc 2.10
into unstable is currently on hold due to planned hppa nptl switch.

Please could you also test, whether planned hppa road
really supports partial upgrades as expected ?

Attached please find tiny example,
it should work under all following combination:

libcounter lt-compiled + testcounter lt-compiled + lt-glibc
libcounter lt-compiled + testcounter lt-compiled + nptl-glibc
libcounter lt-compiled + testcounter nptl-compiled + nptl-glibc
libcounter nptl-compiled + testcounter lt-compiled + nptl-glibc
libcounter nptl-compiled + testcounter nptl-compiled + nptl-glibc

lt-compiled means compiled against linuxthreads glibc,
nptl-compiled means compiled against nptl glibc.

Does it really work under all combinations ? These correspond
to partial upgrades from etch to squeeze, which have to be supported.
In fact I already expressed some concerns in [1], [2].

The outcome of this might be anywhere between "we are ready"
and "postpone nptl switch to eglibc 2.11".
BTW, the release of 2.11 is expected in November 2009.

Please tell us the current status of hppa nptl switch.


[1] http://lists.debian.org/debian-hppa/2008/09/msg00019.html
[2] http://lists.debian.org/debian-hppa/2009/06/msg00063.html

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