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open issues with the hppa port


there are some issues in the hppa port that currently let us doubt whether
we should continue to carry on that port to next stable. Apart the fact
that hppa is no longer buyable as new, there are quite a few technical

You know your porters mailing list best, but I want to highlight some of
the issues:

As from release team point of view, it is necessary that there is a plan
how hppa can and will return in the forseeable future to normal mode of
operation, i.e. there are not many issues with e.g. architecture specific
build failures.

I'd welcome your feedback with a list of open current issues and how and
when they will be resolved. It would be good to have that feedback before
end of August to avoid the necessity to treat the hppa port as broken in
regard to our testing migration scripts.

for the Debian Release Team

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