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Re: Fixed strace [ was Re: ls -l is broken ]

> On Sat, May 9, 2009 at 1:18 PM, John David Anglin
> <dave@hiauly1.hia.nrc.ca> wrote:
> > 0x402759ac <_dl_relocate_object+772>:   ldh,s r22(r17),r31
> > 0x402759b0 <_dl_relocate_object+776>:   ldw 170(r11),ret1
> > 0x402759b4 <_dl_relocate_object+780>:   cmpib,= 0,ret0,0x40275a64 <_dl_relocate_object+956>
> > 0x402759b8 <_dl_relocate_object+784>:   copy r11,r5
> > End of assembler dump.
> > (gdb) p/x $r11
> Shouldn't you be using $r17 here?

Sorry, for the confusion.  I tried to demonstrate how $r17 was loaded
from memory starting from $r11.  You can see the load earlier in the
disassembly.  The values in $r22 and $r17 were consistent with the fault
address.  The value loaded from memory into $r17 was also consistent
with what was recorded in memory in the core dump.  It appeared to me
that only a single word was corrupted.

Unfortunately, gdb dropped core on the core file, so there's nothing
more that can be looked at.  This was caused by a malloc double free

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