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Re: Status of HPPA in Lenny

Grant Grundler a écrit :
On Mon, Oct 13, 2008 at 03:44:07PM -0700, kfitzner wrote:
The talk in the ruby thread about dropping HPPA from the Lenny architectures
has concerned me.  I'm wondering if anything definite has been decided, and
if not, when a decision is likely?  I have several HPPA machines in
production and really need to know if I need to start looking at replacing

I haven't seen anything definite yet.
Some work is still progressing.

If it's worth anything, I could care less if Ruby is dropped from Lenny on
HPPA.  It's certainly more valuable to keep the port without it.  Can the
popcon data be looked at to see if there are 50 HPPA users on machines
without ruby installed?  If so, it would seem to me that the port is worth
keeping regardless.

Agreed. Someone just suggested that too.
I don't know if I should care about ruby1.9 or things that depend on it
since I'm not aware of any dependency.


if it could help, my HP9000 L1000 (pa-risc 350) is used for those services :

- squid + squidguard + mysql_auth
-bind9 public view and slave intranet view
- a small intranet apache2 server with php5 and LDAP (which enable/disable Internet Access in classrooms)

No need for ruby.

It works great and very stable. Even if I have "unaligned access" warnings with mysql client library calls.

it runs actuallay in etch. It would be great if it was still supported by debian team.


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